Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Have Just Become *That Parent*

I just mailed off a preschool application for Little Husband. I do believe that this pregnancy has brought me to a new low. The next thing you know, I'll be attending fundraisers and rubbing elbows with tenured professors in order to secure his spot in the Ivy League.

No need to say it--I make even myself sick.


melek said...

well, it's not like you've already purchased his outfit to wear on his first day of preschool, right? hahah...i mean.... RIGHT?!

oh who cares? it's not like you're going around bragging with a Thurston Howell, III voice about how you're getting little husband(this is funny if you read it in the Thurston voice) into the finest academy coconuts can buy. (get it? coconuts...bc he's on a desert island...).

it's just not as funny typed out. i can do a mean Thurston Howell, III impression.

what were we talking about?

kay said...

hahaha!!! it only gets worse dear. sorry

Kelly said...

Good luck with that! I'm finding preschool difficult these days for many reasons.

I haven't been exposed to a preschool whereby a child's name can be on the wait list longer than he has been breathing! So, maybe it is heaps better! But, it seems that no matter how nicely wrapped it is, a school is only as good as its teachers. If the teachers can't smile and connect with the kids, I'm not sure I care about much else. I'm still pondering this.. as we speak even.

Rose said...

Good point Kelly, you obviously get the whole preschool deal. I've known parents to leave the preschools their at because the teachers are obviously unhappy. I knew one family that would ask me on a regular basis if I was happy. You can have a school that on the outside is great, but the inside is in shambles. The real deal is the administration of the school, how easy are they to get along with, etc. A good school will make it an even playing ground in terms of admissions and you shouldn't have to place an application 3 years in advance. Hell, send Little Husband to me and my Genius (the woman I used to assist) and he'll get the best preschool teaching ever.

Femme au Foyer said...

Rose - remember that program I was in when I was a kid? It's mainstream now but back then it was a pilot program; an experiment of sorts. I *loved* that program and truly thrived when I was in it! Anyway, they offer something similar for preschoolers at the university here. Even though the preschool was founded by and named for my MIL's BEST FRIEND, I have no advantage to getting Little Husband in there (which is fine and fair). The only way that they can "level the playing field" is on a first come, first serve basis hence the early application.

Oh, how I wish nepotism rang loud and true in this situation!

Anyway, I have no doubt that you would be the best preschool teacher for him which is why I propose that you move to Austin! No wait--let's try a different tactic. I am your bossy, older sister and I know what's best for you and I command you to move here!

Kelly said...

I say Rose and I move to Austin and duplicate that preschool then!! Make it so the supply meets the demand so that everyone has a chance at a good start!

Anonymous said...

As Rosie's other big sister (haha like "this is my brother Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl") I think she should move to Austin too. That way I dont have to listen to her complain about the cold anymore.

I myself am trying to decide where I should move when I "retire". Should I move to Virginia and let Joey and Sophia take care of me? They could split custody of me! Or should I move to Tx and let Inman Jr and our second cousins take care of me? If Rose moved there and had kids there, that would tip the scale in Austin's favor.